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Thinking About Becoming A Forensic Science Student?

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How To Become A Forensic Scientist

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Answer 1: Glenn Wilcher: Forensic Technician

It all depends on what you want to do. Do you want to work in a lab? Then for most lab specialties you would need a degree in natural science (chemistry or biology). Many of my colleagues started their forensic science careers with just bachelors degrees in chemistry or biology. They obviously got a lot of on-the-job training.

In today's competitive job market you would probably need a masters (in forensic science or one of the natural sciences) to get hired for a lab position. For crime scene processing and crime scene reconstruction you don't need to major in natural science but you do need course work in chemistry and biology.

A masters degree in criminal justice is of no value at all for a career in forensic science. Most of the CJ programs are all social science.

Answer 2: American Academy of Forensic Sciences

You will need:

  • A bachelor's degree:
  • Get one in science; some forensic sciences require advanced degrees; take chemistry, biology, math, English composition.

  • Good Speaking Skills:
  • Take public speaking, join the drama club, toastmasters, the debate team.

  • Good Note-Taking Skills:
  • You can't subscribe to a service or depend on Cliffs Notes in real life!

  • The Ability To Write An Understandable Scientific Report
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Personal Integrity

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    Thinking About Becoming A Forensic-Science Student?

                                  Psychology Programs

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