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    Request For Information:

    I will be a senior at Syracuse University in the fall. I am looking for both, summer forensic anthropology internships as well as M.A or internship opportunities in this field in London. Any information or advice is useful!

    Thank you so much!

    Announcement Posted By Devanshi Tripathi

    Date Posted: 26th April 2011

    Call For Lecturers

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    At Sixth Star, we are proud to represent the top cruise lines by placing destination experts and special interest speakers on board worldwide itineraries. The opportunity to be a special guest lecturer and enjoy international travel is available to you if you are an experienced speaker with excellent presentation skills.

    Click Here for more information.

    Announcement Posted By Carol Sussman

    Date Posted: 2nd February 2011

    Request For Information:

    I am a Post Graduate with a diploma in forensic Science from Delhi University. I am interested and need help in finding an internship for the summer of 2011. I will appreciate any help because my College does not provide a set internships for my major. I am interested and open to any part of the forensic industry.

    Announcement Posted By Rashmi Bhardwaj

    Date Posted: 27th January 2011

    Request For Information:

    I am a junior at the University of Northern Colorado majoring in forensic science. I am interested and need help in finding an internship for the summer of 2011. I will appreciate any help because my school does not provide a set internships for my major. I am interested and open to any part of the forensic industry.

    Announcement Posted By Ariel Rivera

    Date Posted: 18th January 2011

    Request For Information:

    I am a Stratford, Connecticut high school senior, looking for a forensics internship in the state. I appreciate any help anyone can give me. It is a requirement I must fulfil with February as the starting month.

    Announcement Posted By Sierra Berry

    Date Posted: 4th September 2010

    Request For Information:

    Hi. I am about to enter the final year of my BSc Forensic Psychology degree. I am looking for any work experience in the area as it is need for the PhD course I want to do (clinical forensic psychology).

    Announcement Posted By Regina Nelson

    Date Posted: 7th January 2010

    Request For Information:

    I am a senior at University of Central Florida researching summer internships for 2010. My goal is to find an internship in the field of questioned document examination.

    The FBI is not offering any in my field for the following year (at least) and most private companies I have contacted are single person businesses. Could someone please give me some advice on how to proceed/where to look? My professors are wonderful but none specialize in this field. Thank you in advance!

    Announcement Posted By Annette Way

    Date Posted: 19th October 2009

    Request For Information:

    I am a second year student in forensic science and would like to know where is best for an internship programme in Forensic science. Thanks.

    Announcement Posted By Faysascha George

    Date Posted: 1st October 2009

    Request For Information:

    I am 17 and currently studying forensic science at college in England. I hope to further this study into university and then apply for a job in either the US or canada. I was wondering if anybody can give me advice on how to go about this, i.e., getting visas etc.

    Announcement Posted By Stefanie Clayton

    Date Posted: 16th September 2009

    Request For Information:

    Hello all, I am starting my MSc in forensic psychology and am searching for an internship of some sort in london or some volunteering experience. Anyone know where I can look? Thanks.

    Announcement Posted By Kasturi Torchia

    Date Posted: 11th September 2009

    Request For Information:

    I am a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and hold AFBPsS BPS membership. (I have been chartered for 4 years and have 8 years of post qualification experience. I am thinking of immigrating to the USA - does anyone know how my British qualifications hold up in the US? I have a BSc (Hons) Psychology and MSc Forensic Psychology. I notice that many psychologists in the US have doctorates.

    Would Forensic Psychology Qualifications Obtained in The UK be recognised in the USA?

    Announcement Posted By Deborah Wilkinson

    Date Posted: 22nd February 2008

    Request For Information:

    Hello Everyone! I am a Forensic Science student at St. Augustine's College. I am working with a professor to compile a list of internship and scholarship opportunities catered to undergraduate students majoring in Forensic Science. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to where to look.

    Announcement Posted By Gisel Samuels

    Date Posted: 16th November 2007

    Request For Information:

    I just took this photo of something i saw in a window on Oxford Street (London) and wondered if anyone knew what it was for?

    Announcement Posted By Helen

    Date Posted: 26th October 2007

    Request For Information:

    I have completed my M.Sc in forensic science in June 2007 and right now working as a scientific assistant (chemistry & toxicology) in Haryana forensic science laboratory on contract basis. Please give me information about the vacancy available in other forensic science laboratories and also provide me some other career option related to this field.

    Announcement Posted By Sanjeet Kumar

    Date Posted: 25th October 2007


    Hi Sanjeet

    Check out some of the links on the Forensic Science in India page. The contacts you find here will be in a better position to give you the information you need.

    All the best with your career


    Request For Information:

    Could i get information on: 1. Legally accepted scientific methods for ink dating of questioned documents. 2. Who are the expert agencies, institutions, individuals in INDIA equiped to do ink dating of questioned documents.

    Announcement Posted By Vivek Varma

    Date Posted: 16th July 2007


    Hi Vivek

    Try checking out the following web pages.

    American Board of Forensic Document Examiners

    American Society of Questioned Document Examiners

    Forensic Science in India

    All the best


    Request For Information:

    Hi i am interested in doing M.Sc in forensic. So for that i want to know how should i prepare for the examination and which are the books i should refer. Currently am doing final year graduation in biotechnology. Thanking you.

    Announcement Posted By Ranajita Ghanty

    Date Posted: 13th June 2007


    Hi Ranajita

    If you know where you want to study, I'd check out the department website or contact the University direct. They will almost certainly have a recommended reading list along with a list of modules that you will have the opportunity of studying.

    There are lots of excellent books on forensic science, most of which can be found online at the All About Forensic Science store, which you can visit by Clicking Here.

    Good luck with your forensic science studies

    All the best


    Request For Information:

    I have an M.Sc in organic synthesis & interested in a career in Forensic Science. I'm looking for labs that offer internship program in the field of latent prints. Your help in this regard will be high appreciated.

    Announcement Posted By Lenah Lebelo

    Date Posted: 23rd March 2007


    Hi Lenah

    The following link will take you to a list of forensic science internships available in the USA.

    Forensic Science Internships

    Good Luck

    David Webb

    Request For Information:

    I am currently working on a Psychology degree, but I have always wanted to go into the Forensic Psychology field. I have looked around and found that there are not a whole lot of Forensic Psychology Degree Programs out there. I am in the Military so I have to go to school at night and on weekends and I do not have a lot of money to spend on college. My benefits cover very little.

    I am looking for advice on how to get into the Forensic Psychology Field with out getting a Forensic Psychology Degree. I would also being greatly appreciative if there were a Forensic Psychologist out that wouldn't mind talking with me.

    I am going to be getting out of the Military in about a year and have high hopes of continuing my education and getting a Psychology Degree. I am just hoping for some more information on getting into the Forensic Psychology field.

    Announcement Posted By Christina Morillo

    Date Posted: 11th March 2007


    Hi Christina

    Check out the All About Forensic Psychology Website. It has lots of useful information, including a USA forensic degree directory.

    While you are there, make sure you sign up for the free forensic psychology newsletter as it includes expert articles on studying and working within the forensic psychology field.

    Click Here To Read The Latest Edition

    Hope this helps

    David Webb

    Announcing A New Series From New York University Press:

    New York University Press is expanding its publishing program in forensic psychology and psychology and crime. The following information is taken from the request for manuscript proposals.

    Crime has dominated the public’s concern over the decades. Currently, criminal concerns are foremost in the news and in polls reflecting public attitudes. During the past decade, psychologists have devoted their professional and scholarly efforts toward ameliorating and studying various aspects of crime and criminals. Many advances have been made but have not been adequately communicated to important constituent groups. For example, both practitioners and policy-makers are not always aware of important advances that could better inform their decisions.

    This series provides the academic, the professional, and the lay public with well-written scholarly overviews and discussions of the latest advances in theory, research, and practice in various areas of psychology and crime. Each author will provide a review of the status of the field and major developments to help readers in their understanding and decision-making.

    The readership includes researchers, teachers, students, and practitioners in forensic psychology, the informed general public, and those concerned with the legal applications of the books’ topics. Suggestive of the topics we intend to support are:

  • Lie detection: state of the science and art
  • The psychology of coerced confessions
  • Police integrity: Keeping the thin blue line true blue
  • Identifying sexual predators
  • Treating sexual offenders
  • Race, ethnicity, and crime
  • The child’s knowledge of right and wrong
  • Predicting recidivism
  • Detecting the fledgling psychopath
  • Criminal profiling: The pros and cons
  • Understanding sentencing
  • Women and crime
  • To Submit Manuscript Proposals

    While the majority of books are anticipated to be single or dual-authored, we will also welcome promising edited volumes, provided that they have core course adoption potential or other significant selling points in the anthology format. Each volume shall review the theoretical and empirical state of the field as well as provide practical suggestions for practice, policy, and future research. The books will address substantive and important issues while employing accessible language and an engaging writing style.

    A proposal should be 5-10 pages in length and should include:

    A statement of the significance, need, and organization of the work

    Its intended readership(s), including particular disciplines, any likely course adoption into specific types of common classes, any likely audience(s) outside the academy or in the professional arena, and any relevant organizations / associations whose members may be interested in the work.

    A brief discussion of similar / competing works and how the proposed volume will distinguish itself

    An annotated chapter outline with 1-2 paragraphs describing what each chapter will discuss

    Sample chapters if available

    An indication of the time line for completion and the anticipated length. Typical manuscripts should be roughly 80,000-90,000 words in total.

    A current copy of the author's curriculum vitae.

    Please direct queries and submissions simultaneously to:

    Dr. Allen K. Hess Department of Psychology Auburn University at Montgomery Box 244023 Montgomery, AL 36124-4023

    Jennifer HammerEditor New York University Press838 Broadway, 3rd Floor New York, NY

    Date Posted: 14th February 2007

    Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Forensic Laboratory: Epstein-Rhoads Intern Program

    The purpose of Epstein-Rhoads Intern Program is to provide experience for university and college students who are seriously interested in entering the field of forensic science. This internship program offers the students opportunity for observation of forensic scientists at their work, as well as involvement in working on an assigned laboratory project.

    To be eligible for the program students must be in their junior or senior year of college, or in graduate school, pursuing a degree in Forensic Science, Criminalistics, Biology, Chemistry or equivalent.

    Click Here For Full Details.

    Date Posted: 1st February 2007

    New York State Police Forensic Science Laboratory Internships

    The New York State Police Forensic Science Laboratory System provides all criminal justice agencies in New York State with state-of-the-art forensic analytical and investigative capabilities and expert testimony on matters related to the investigation, resolution and prosecution of crimes.

    The Laboratory's Intern Program was established in 1998 to provide students and graduates with opportunities to learn more about the forensic science field.

    Click Here For more information on how to apply and to download an intern application form.

    Date Posted: 26th January 2007

    Mississippi Crime Lab: Student Internships

    The Mississippi Crime Laboratory (MCL) provides a full range of forensic services to law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

    MCL services are divided into three categories: Impression Evidence, Analytical, and Bioscience. Impression Evidence services involve comparisons and examination of latent prints, firearms and tool marks and questioned documents, as well as technical assistance related to crime scene response and case management. Analytical services primarily involve chemical analysis of substances, and Bioscience services, which are primarily biological in nature, include serology examinations and DNA testing.

    Internships for college students are available in limited numbers at the MCL. Anyone interested in an internship should send a letter of request to the Director of the MCL, accompanied by a letter from a representative of his or her major department stating that the internship will be applicable towards credit for the degree sought. All requests must be approved by the Director.

    Click Here To Visit The MCL Website.

    Date Posted: 24th January 2007

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