Forensic Blog

by Erik Braunitzer
(Washington, DC)

The National Museum of Crime and Punishment presents its Forensic/CSI blog, filled with fascinating CSI and psychology related information congruent to it's exhibits. Please feel free to contact us at the Crime Museum at (202) 393-1099 if you have any questions.

We're located at 575 7th St. NW | Washington , D.C. 20004. Also, we're currently promoting our Fright Night At the Museum Exhibit.

From 1916-1960 one hundred and twenty five men were executed in the Tennessee electric chair. In 2008, the chair made its way to the National Museum of Crime & Punishment...and so did its ghosts.

This Halloween season the museum will no longer be just a storage house for criminal artifacts; it will become a hunting ground for these dead men walking.

Experience Fright at the Museum on Wednesday October 24th and Friday/Saturday, the weekend of the 31st!

CSI Blog

Halloween in DC

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