Forensic Anthropology Pictures


Forensic Anthropology Pictures

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Welcome to the forensic-anthropology pictures page. Please feel free to download and use any of the forensic anthropology images featured below in your science projects, presentations, lectures, teaching materials etc.


To the best of our knowledge all the images featured on the forensic-anthropology pictures page are in the public domain. No permission is required to use the images, although if you download and use any of the following pictures, all we ask is that you include the following information.

Photo Credit: The Federal Bureau of Investigation - Free download from

Downloading The Images

Simply point your mouse cursor at the forensic anthropology picture you want and then right-click on the picture (a menu will appear). Mac users, simply press and hold down the mouse button to see the menu.

Choose "Save picture as" if you're using Internet Explorer, or choose "Save image as" if you're using Netscape Navigator.

Choose where you would like to save the picture and whether you would like to change the image name or the format of the image.

Finally, Click the button to the right of the "File name" box. It will either be called Save or Open.

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