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Crime Scene Investigation Online

The aim of the Crime-Scene Investigation Online page is to showcase the best CSI related video and audio broadcasts that can be accessed for free online.

Collecting Evidence At A Crime Scene

Richard Saferstein, Ph.D., former chief forensic scientist at the New Jersey State Police Laboratory, one of the largest crime laboratories in the United States discusses the following:

  • Mobile Crime laboratories
  • Collecting Physical Evidence at a crime scene
  • Collecting Evidence From The Body of a Murder Victim
  • Substrate control in CSI
  • Standard Reference Sample in CSI
  • The CSI Chain of Custody
  • The Purpose of The Crime Lab

  • Techniques Used To Gather Crime Scene Evidence

    Homicide Detective Cathy Oakden discusses some of the techniques used to gather and obtain crime scene evidence.

    Click Here to watch this short but very useful video.

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